April 17, 1864

In the aftermath of the Fort Pillow massacre on April 12, Lieutenant General Ulysses Grant orders Major General Benjamin Butler, who was negotiating prisoner exchanges with the Confederacy, to demand that black prisoners had to be treated identical to whites, a demand that was later rejected.

Return of “150 Years Ago Today”

I’m aware I haven’t had a lot of “150 Years Ago Today” posts of late.  I’m going to have new 150 Years Ago Today posts starting tomorrow.  Enjoy!

“The Address” by Ken Burns on PBS

“The Address,” a 90-minute documentary by Ken Burns, airs this week on PBS.  Check your local listings, but many stations should have it Tuesday (tonight) at 9:00 pm.  The show tells the story of a school in Putney, Vermont, where each year students memorize and recite the Gettysburg Address.  For more information, see http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/the-address/home/.