Irresistible Reporters: White Cloud Kansas Chief, April 3, 1862, page 1

Irresistible Reporters.—A correspondent at Fort Donelson is said to have locked Gen. Buckner up in a room at Dover, and kept him there in spite of threats, until he had taken a pencil sketch of his person. Another declared to Gen. Bushrod K. Johnson that he would give him horrible antecedents unless he furnished the materials for a brief biography.—Bushrod blustered at first, but when the newspaper scribbler began putting down and reading off “B. K. Johnston, a native of Massachusetts, formerly one of the editors of Lloyd Garrison’s anti-slavery journal but compelled to fly to Tennessee on account of having been detected in a forgery of his father’s name,” etc. Bushrod became a supplicant, and gave the irrepressible fellow the main events of his life.

Our Navy: The Mexico (N.Y.) Independent, April 17, 1862, page 2

Our Navy.

The following paragraph, from the Augusta, Gable, Chronicle and Sentinel, of March 18th, shows that the action of the Navy Department is not regarded there as having been quite so inefficient as many of our people are inclined to pronounce it:

“The Northern and Southern people are alike in one respect—they must have somebody to denounce in case of a disaster. They are not willing to accuse themselves of negligence and apathy. When we lose a battle, as in Tennessee, we hold the commanding general or the Confederate government responsible and immediately there goes up a cry for the condemnation of somebody, forgetful that we have neglected to furnish the condemned commander with reinforcements and supplies; forgetful that we know but half of the circumstances of his situation. In like manner, the Northern people, neglectful of the gallant defense made by the surprised captains of the lost frigates against their inevitable fate, are casting about for somebody to hold responsible for the disaster, and a great cry goes up against their Navy Department, which we devoutly wish had not been as well managed as it has been.”

Town of Farragut to unveil new Civil War Marker at Admiral Farragut Birthplace

This Saturday, April 28, the town of Farragut, Tennessee will be unveiling a Civil War Trail Marker at Admiral Farragut’s Birthplace. The unveiling takes place at Admiral Farragut Park at Northshore Drive. For more information, see Unveiling of New Civil War Marker at Admiral Farragut Birthplace. Here is another news article of interest: The Battle Over the Birthplace of Adm. David Glasgow Farragut.