The Peace Party in North Carolina: Potsdam Courier-Freeman, March 30, 1864, page 1

The Peace Party in North Carolina.

Hon W. W. Holden, one of the ablest of Jeff. Davis’ “copperheads,” has issued the following address to the people of North Carolina:

“In compliance with the wishes of many friends, I announce myself a candidate for the office of Governor of North Carolina, at the election to be held on the first Thursday in August next.

“My principles and views, as a conservative “after the straitest sect,” are well known to the people of the State. These principles and views are what they have been. They will not be changed.

“I am not disposed, at a time like this, to invite the people from their employments, and add to the excitement which prevails in the public mind, by haranguing them for their votes. We need all our energies to meet the common enemy, and to provide means of subsistence for our troops in the field and our people at home. Let the people go calmly and firmly to the polls and vote for the man of their choice. I will cheerfully abide their decision, whatever it may be.

“If elected, I will do everything in my power to promote the interests, the honor and the glory of North Carolina, and to secure a honorable peace.

March 4th. W. W. Holden.