Confederate Dogs Growling over a Bone: Potsdam Courier-Freeman, March 30, 1864, page 1

Confederate Dogs Growling over a Bone.

Outrageous.—This morning the butchers of this city put up the price of beef to three dollars a pound. When will their avaricious dispositions be satisfied? How can the people stand to be thus ground down? There is no necessity or reason for the advance, and some steps should be taken to lower the figures. It can be done and should be at once.—Atlanta Appeal.

What would the Appeal say to our butchers, who this morning put the price of beef to four dollars a pound? We are an enterprising people here and are determined to keep ahead—in prices!—Wilmington Jour.

We condole with our Atlanta and Wilmington friends, but we can’t see how it could be otherwise when three-fourths of the people seem indisposed to have more money than they have got. We have no such troubles on the beef question in Raleigh, for to the best of our knowledge and belief it has been nearly a month since there was any of the article in the market. We have, however, a pretty good supply of other luxuries, such as potatoes, peas, rice, a little bacon, and so on—enough, we trust, until more is made.Raleigh Standard.